Animated Series

Frenchie Ballers want to proliferate the great artwork and FB brand.

Frenchie Ballers has launched a new animated series in partnership with the leading Web3 streaming platform, Entertainment. This groundbreaking venture combines the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with cutting-edge animation, setting a new standard for fan engagement and digital content consumption.

The collaboration signifies a significant step in bridging the gap between fans and creators. Frenchie Ballers’ innovative digital collectibles coupled with Entertainmint’s vision for the future of streaming, will empower audiences and creators alike.

The animated series will feature the Frenchie Ballers in a variety of exciting and entertaining scenarios, bringing these digital collectibles to life like never before. Frenchie Baller holders will have the ability to participate in the animated series by purchasing tickets and also having their Frenchie ballers used in the actual film.

Entertainmint’s commitment to breaking down walls between creators and fans aligns perfectly with Frenchie Ballers’ ethos. This synergy is set to push the boundaries of how audiences engage with content creators, building a loyal community around the much-anticipated animated series.


Entertainmint, renowned for its commitment to supporting and streaming top-tier projects in TV and film, makes a perfect partner for Frenchie Ballers’ latest endeavor. The partnership enables audiences to join the next wave of professional creators, providing them with world-building opportunities and unprecedented access to behind-the-scenes content.

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